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Hi Alex!
Great cartoon indeed! Have you ever read Edward O. Wilson's book entitled "Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge"? Whether you subcribe to Wilson's thoughts or not, this is great and ambitious book about knowledge fragmentation and attempts to re-assemble knowledge. not an easy task and Wilson is wise enough to try to answer the question any manager would ask: "To what end?"


No Eric, I don't know about O'Wilson's book.
May I find it on Cyberlibris ;-) ?


Example of a JOB in Knowledge Management from Monster:

"...The primary objective of this position is to work with TLR market groups, TLR Strategic Consulting and local businesses to increase the productivity and effectiveness of the businesses. This includes increasing the cross-border communication and knowledge flow, implementing knowledge sharing initiatives, providing knowledge sharing consulting and solutions, delivering and/or coordinating knowledge sharing tools and process and working with other TU staff to ensure programs, tools and services enable TLR employees to increase their business and customer acumen..."

See: http://offres.monster.fr/getjob.asp?JobID=24945324

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